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Open Air - Fully Accessible Booth

We highly recommend the Open Air Frame due it's versatility, and ease of use in every venue and type of event. The Open Air Accessible booth is an unattached straight frame background curtain that allows for complete accessibility and a more roomy experience, 12 people is the current record.

Custom Backgrounds

Choose from thousands of preloaded digital backgrounds or add your own! We have everything from a wall of cats to sunny beaches to holiday scenes, and cityscapes. Our attendant will navigate the software and find just the right story for your picture.

Social Sharing iPad Kiosk

Allows guests to immediately email their photos, ensuring secure sharing on social media. Software also uploads an online gallery of the event in real time. Clients may choose to add a watermark logo and include auto facebook uploading to a business page.


Need a sombrero, pink cowboy hat, or a set of comically oversized sunglasses to really put it over the top? Done and done.


LED lighting inside the booth will ensure a great shot every time.

High Resolution Printer

Our high-end HITI color photo printer sets the industry standard. Each and every 4x6 print looks outstanding, and prints take only 12 seconds so we can keep the line moving and send guests home with amazing photos! Full size 4x6s of a single image or group up to 4 images on one 4x6 print. Want a full size 4x6 for the fridge? You got it. Prefer many images on one 4x6, filmstrip style? We can do that too.