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What is a ‘blue screen’?

It’s formally called Chroma Key Technology.  Most people have heard of ‘green screen’ usually in reference to special effects production. The blue screen is the same idea but blue because that’s the most flattering to ALL skin tones. We use a blue screen for the background in our booth which allows the software to overlay a digital image as a background and/or foreground resulting in spectacular pictures that would otherwise not be possible. One other neat feature is that most shades of blue and purple will act as a ‘blue screen’ and reflect the digital overlay- your blue shirt blends in! Think of it as your own personal special effects studio.

What about the digital images?

That’s correct- our booth takes digital photos. We hand off a flash drive at the end of the event containing a copy of every image taken for you to use however you like. This means you still get to enjoy all the shots you were too busy to take part in. Double the fun- making memories at the event and reliving it while looking through the digital images! *Upon request we can also provide printed 4x6 images for the host.

Do you offer company photo shoots?

Yes! If you have a corporate function or event coming up, we would love to set up a booth and help you make memories.

How many people can fit in the photo booth?

This depends on how cozy you want to get! Most shots include 2-5 people but we've had groups as big as 12 squeeze in to capture the moment. The open air booth's detached frame offers complete accessibility, making it possible to include all your guests no matter their mobility. It’s up to you how many you want to squeeze in but the more faces and bodies you have in the shot the less the background/foreground will show. EITHER way it’s a fun time!

How long do we have the photo booth for a booking?

Booth time is broken up into 3 categories- Run, Idle and Down time. We plan the Down time needed to set up, remove and travel- we will need access to the event site for approximately an hour both before and after the run time. The Run time is what you book, usually 2, 3 or 4 hours of fun for you and your guests to enjoy unlimited booth access. We offer Idle time as a way for you to have the booth set-up and ready but not pay Run time prices when the event schedule requires a break from booth use or early set-up. If you think your event will last longer, we also offer an additional hourly rate for your convenience which can be added at anytime. *We figure an average of 3-4 hours of behind the scenes work on the day of depending on the drive, which is factored into our base price.

What is the cost of the photo booth rental?

This can change depending on the date, time, and our availability. (Tuesday mornings in February are cheaper than Saturdays in July.) Our pricing is very competitive for the Twin Cities and offers an exceptional value- our booth is the only one of it's kind. We are committed to creating packages that fit the needs of our clients both creatively and financially. Give us a price point and we'll give you a package to match. We would love to provide you with an accurate quote for YOUR event, so please contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions